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I love Keynote speaking! Nothing brings me greater satisfaction than to see you at that aha moment when your eyes are opened your heart is ready and you become fearless.

Remember you can’t unlearn something.  Once you understand how you were created for greatness with a special gift you will not  want to go back to simply existing.

You will walk away  inspired, motivated and most importantly empowered to take the leap and BE FEARLESS.

My most requested topics include:

You will fail- Story of a startup from fears to failures to financial freedom.

You got this – Trust God’s faithfulness

One of you- For Creative Audiences on gifts and talents.

He Knows ! Get motivated to Relax and Trust God.


My approach helps teams  strategize how to execute the organization’s vision with creativity and  achieve goals for a greater impact. Clients are partners and are equally involved in the process. Leaders of organizations, small businesses, churches and ministry become long lasting successful partners in this process.

I focus on enriching your team, coupled with the ongoing support of both emerging and experienced leaders. This mentorship program develops tools and techniques that are both attainable and measurable.

Topics Covered:

Corporate rebrand
Strategic Marketing Plans
Marketing strategies on a budget.
Strategy and process Analysis
Take my place- How to build a team that will take your place.
Are you in ? get your team committed to the vision.
Campus pastors / church plants

Vision, Mission and your brand
Be the Brand
First Impressions
Kids Ministry
Hands on training on Trust and Growth for your teams.
Small Business

Entrepreneurs- A person who operates a business, taking on a greater than normal financial risk to do so.

You are bound to fail
The art of execution
Business Yearly Action plan


With over ten  years of leading successful teams, I’ve wrote fun interactive workshops for developing highly successful teams.

These include:

Communication strategies for cross functional teams.
Fired up – a fun interactive workshop that reignites team’s Morale.
Fearless Leadership
Leading Creative Teams
Free- Release your team’s creative juices to increase productivity.
Flawless- Creating a Flawless strategy to execute your  vision.