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Meet Our Amazing Staff- Linda Connelly, In House Writer

We are excited to welcome Linda to the AT Studios team!



Linda began working with us on small projects and patiently waited for us to have the budget to hire her as our in house Copywriter.

She brings to the table her killer writing skills and the knowledge of processes in retail and customer service experience. She also brings an encouraging life story! Be sure to follow her blog.

Extremely dedicated, she recently ran and finished her first half marathon in the Miami Marathon this past February and loves to write.

If she had all day to do something by herself she would spend the day: Writing, reading and watching old movies in her pajamas

Linda’s favorite Singer is Janis Joplin and Painter Vincent Van Gogh.

We welcome to the AT Studios Team Linda!


Meet Our Amazing Staff! Erick Sanchez

ErickWe are excited to welcome Erick Sanchez to the AT Studios Team!

    We have been working on several ends but had not put a finger on exactly what area he would not only be likely to succeed but also be extremely happy.

Erick enjoys the areas of Sales and building relationships.

Erick comes with a vast knowledge of sales and business development. His past experience raised sales from 1 Million to 1.5 Million in Insurance sales.

Erick recently received accolades for leading a team in Panama providing Insurance for a major software company.

Our goals for 2015 are big and unthinkably grand, It is  why we did not settle for any one than the right candidate. We welcome him as lead of our Business Development team.

Stay tuned as we develop our sales and marketing strategies for creative studios e-book.

Fun Fact about Eric: He loves Traveling has traveled to 44 of the 50 states and led a team in Panama

Connect with Eric for sales tips and techniques