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How To Pray For An Artistic Husband



Unlike many couples who say goodbye in the morning and each go their separate ways. We head to the office together, come home together and spend most part of the day together. It’s a beautiful thing that comes with extreme challenges. Some weeks are very intense at the studio and at home.

Our lives are filled with events; volunteer work, small group and of course growing our business.

During events often times fans whisper in my ear “You are so blessed to be married to such a talented artist”.  I truly am.

Often times I wonder where he gets the ideas and inspiration for sketches he develops.

Often times he has been so drained he is really on an artistic block.

When your team is depending on your creative juices, time on a creative block must be limited.

I have found myself writing prayers for my creative husband.

Here’s my latest one:

“God grant Andy super natural creativity this week. “

God is the perfect artist. He created for 6 days and rested for one.

He admired His creation and saw that IT was good.

Today I pray you admire your loved ones creative’s. Do not try to understand it, simply admire that God has blessed them with a vision and gift that is unique to them.

Creative’s you have a God given talent the world needs.

Walk in it. Do what you love because life is too short not to.

My prayer is that God grants you Super Natural Creativity today.

“A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men.”

Proverbs 18:16

Be Blessed!