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How to Get to Know Your Team of Creatives


Inspiration comes from many places. Different things can get us inspired to work and create. In the creative world waiting on the muse can often be the excuse for a deadline missed or for odd working hours. Some are more inspired in the early morning hours and others late into the night.


This is all well and good when working on a project alone. After all there is no one else to answer to besides yourself. However in a team setting, having team members who work differently from one another can often be a hinderance. Lack of communication can become a problem. As a leader this can make it difficult to lead your team well.


The question is how to get to know and understand your team of disparate creatives?

This is a question that we have tackled here at AT Studios and through trial and error we have come up with a way to work through this issue. Getting to know your team on a level that is cohesive and well thought out.  We have created a Free Resource  for you to download titled What Inpsires You?  By learning how your team members operate will help lead to success!

Tell us then, What Inspires You?




Free Inspirational Downloads!

Pursuing your dreams is hard. Knowing what we are capabable of doing and having that dream come true are two different worlds.


To keep going we need encouragment. We have people in our lives who have helped to get you to this point. Encouragment and Inspirtation go a long way to achieving dreams.


Here at AT Studios we are all about making dreams happen. Inspiring and encouraging people to make that leap and pursue your dreams! These are not just photos for this post, these are free downloads for you to enjoy. To continue to push you toward your dreams on those rough days. In the act of turning on your computer or phone you see the encouragement you need to continue on.

Enjoy these and we hope they help you to achieve your dreams!