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Are You A Church Planter

Are You A Church Planter

I was a church planter for six years. I had the opportunity to be part of God’s expansion of church from the starting phase to immense growth. I learned many hard lessons that I want to share with you.  


Church planting can be a spiritually, emotionally and financially draining task.

I’ve helped leaders strategize growth for their church for years, both mega churches and startups alike. My experiences in church planting have fed directly into what I do today, I’ve helped leaders strategize growth for their church for years, at both mega churches and startups alike.

I have launched my website to resource you through all my failures and successes. It is my desire that this helps you Be Fearless. I share the best ideas for leadership in the church as a startup looking to grow. You will also see the opportunities for an awesome mentorship program designed just for you.  


If you’re a church planter or know a church planter, will you please connect with me?

I’d love to hear how I or my Design Studio can help you grow.


Will you please connect me to  anyone you believe could benefit from all my knowledge?

FYI  10% of every project we execute is donated to a church/charity of your choice.


Thank you for helping us grow.


How Exciting!

How Exciting!

Hello my friends!


We’ve missed you 🙂

We love creating opportunities to serve you, your business or ministry. That is what we have been busy working on lately, to expand our services!

Here’s what we do:

  • Branding & Websites: We do full on web development big and small. We also develop brand identity and help to rebrand if needed for businesses and ministries.
  • Printing: Currently, we print shirts, banners and promotional materials in house. We are always looking for exciting new areas to serve you in printing to promote your brand identity.
  • Consulting: Check out our consulting site where we offer ministry and leadership consulting.


All of our services are in one place with one firm who knows you best. Do you know someone who could use our expertise in web design, printing and consulting to expand their business? Kindly refer them today! We’d love to get to know them and serve them in these ways.


Thank you in advance for any referrals to our Design Studios and thank you for helping us GROW as we help your business and ministries grow!


Have an awesome week!