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At “AT Studios” we are blessed to offer our clients printing abilities in house. Questions are frequently asked as to the different types of print shirts etc. Below I attempt to explain the differences between silk screen printing and Direct to garment printing. Photos are from our own brand Farm Toonz an educational app for kids.

AT Studios has the production capabilities to offer both Silk Screen and Direct to Garment printing. Whatever your needs are detailed or simple we will help you make your needs print ready facilitate production.? For characters developed at AT Studios we advise our clients to only use Direct to Garment due to the details, colors and shades of our characters.

Silkscreen: A stencil method of printmaking in where your design is imposed on a screen of silk or other fine mesh, with blank areas coated with an impermeable substance, and ink is forced through the mesh onto the printing surface.

Advantages: The screen-printing process caters to one type of design print. The print must be simple images and text, usually used in promotional items. Screen-printing very useful commercially since it allows many prints to be mass produced dropping the cost for the consumer.

Disadvantages: Images for screen-printing are limited to color, detail and gradients. The design must be reduced to definite lines or shapes that will print simply. Screen frames are quiet durable, and can be reused and washed several times without loosing color. As all apparel they eventually become warped and uneven. This is what is most commonly used for large orders with a simple logo or wording. Silk Screeners will ask you for a set up fee and a minimum order.


Direct To Garment (DTG): Prints an image directly onto a garment or fabric through an intricate modified version of a traditional inkjet printer. Direct to Garment is a relatively new fabric printing method. Consider printing on a sheet of paper, but instead of paper you are printing on a garment. Direct to garment is just that; an image is printed directly unto the fabric which results in exceptional quality of print.

Advantages: Great for low run orders, since you are able to print one at a time. Direct to garment prints full color prints the best part for AT Studios is that our characters who have intricate details and shades are able to be perfectly printed. Characters are easily edited and customizable with one click.

Pretreatment is a shirt which has been sprayed with a type of base Pretreated shirts are usually brighter and crispier.

Disadvantages: Whites and light colors are much easier to print. There fore colors though they can be done they may raise the price of the printing. Direct to garment takes much longer to print than regular Silk Screen. Direct to Garment is a bit more expensive.

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