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SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

is a simple but useful framework for analyzing your ministry’s strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats that you face. It helps you focus on your strengths, minimize threats, and take the greatest possible advantage of opportunities available to you. I use the SWOT Analysis when consulting on Leadership, Discipleship and Ministry evaluations to determine our action plan.


Strengths- Write detailed account fro the Strengths of the ministry.

Weaknesses- Write detailed weaknesses.This is not the time to write solutions we simply need to acknowledge them to later strategize how to create long lasting solutions.

Opportunities- What opportunities we have for growth if we were not limited by resources? Consider each one carefully and do not set limitations. In the strategy action plan we set boundaries based on our limitations.

Threats- What are those threats that we may or may not see right this minute. Be specific of what is perceived as a threat. We do not recommend budget to be a threat that is an opportunity.

RecommendationsIn this section write detailed comments and  observations  based on your past experience, knowledge or mistakes. These recommendations may or may not be taken into consideration.


Based on Observations by Betty Flores

Actual Report Generated during a consulting role.

The following report is generated per our teams observations:

Ministry name: Church name – Anonymous  time: 10:50

Observations Date: 09/15


  • Worship is great and relevant
  • Out of the box Worship ( chains give it such a wow factor)
  • Leader connects perfectly with this age group.


  • Very little age diversity
  • Very little racial diversity on stage
  • Worship songs do  not correlate to message.


  • Invite those who would like to worship upfront to “come and Worship”
  • Biggest opportunity for growth is this service. Biggest opportunity to reach masses
  • Concert should be in the works.
  • Bring the kids into this service to perform 3-4 times a year.


  • Time – This time was selected based on our inward focus instead of our guests.
  • We assume people know things ( such as taking kids to their areas)
  • We easily forget there are always new people in the room.


  • Please stop announcing the several different services. I am here. Now.  If I want to know about other services I will – Online.
  • Tell people what to do – Rise- let’s worship, Let’s be seated, Let’s stand and continue to worship. Let’s not assume attendees know what to do.
  • Pastor introduce himself every Sunday – there is always someone new.
  • Verbal announcement sample-
  • Welcome we are Church name.
  • We are here to “ Vision Statement”
  • We are so excited you are here- We’d like to connect with you ( connection card)
  • If you have kids this is the time to take them to a place where they will learn more about God at their level- One of our volunteers will guide you there.
  • Greet people around you.
  • Let’s Worship together.

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