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5 Easy Steps to Successful Recruiting.

5 Easy Steps to Successful Recruiting.

Recruiting is possibly the hardest part of ministry. This is the most requested training and workshop. Mainly because not everyone enjoys searching out individuals to help do a job, or in other words, asking someone to volunteer. The biggest concern I hear is the fear of rejection or fear of the volunteer no showing up. All this because we have the wrong concept of recruitment. Recruiting volunteers is about relationships. Building relationships with the kids parents and those within the church.  

Recruitment is an Invitation:

  • An invitation to join you in an incredible journey of using a person’s gift to grow the kingdom in a specific ministry.
  • An Invitation to share God with kids/others.
  • An invitation to invest in lives as you do what you are passionate about.
  • An invitation to join you in an incredible journey of using a person’s gift to plant a church or launch a ministry.
  • An Invitation to share God with the community.
  • An invitation to invest in lives as you do what you are passionate about.

Why invite others?

  • Ministry is a team effort.
  • For the growth of others, the growth of the Kingdom and the growth of the ministry.
  • Recruiting is not about your needs. It’s about the needs of others.
  • Their need to grow and be discipled.
  • They need to be part of something bigger.

Recruiting is not: Getting the first person that comes along to help you.

Recruitment is:

The art or placing volunteers in a place to use their gifts for the kingdom and are placed there to shine.

This is the step by step process I have used to recruit volunteers for ministry, business, interns and church planting. Strategy is of extreme importance.  Recruitment is a process. A very important one.

Step 1: Educate on the need and the urgency

The first step in recruiting volunteers is to define the need. Define how impactful their involvement is. Share the need for their gifts in the ministry. This will help ensure that the church gets the right person in that position.

Individuals responsible for recruiting and all potential volunteers should have a clear understanding of what the job involves, their commitment and how important their role and their involvement is.

Step 2: Listen first

Understand the volunteers passion, their gifts, desires and schedules. Ask the hard questions and avoid trying to place them based on your needs.

Spiritual testing and coaching

Check out this website for free spiritual gift testing. Place volunteers in an area where they can exercise their spiritual gifts.

Step 3: Develop a List of Potential Candidates

Not only for your ministry but for all ministries you know need. Now that you understand what the job is and what sort of person is required to do it, you need to list potential candidates who may be able to do the job.

  • Bring-a-Friend Day
  • Friendly Competition between Volunteers
  • Encouraging People to Annually Volunteer for an Event
  • Inviting those that are assisted by volunteers to volunteer
  • Monthly Sign Up Calendar
  • Invite them to check it out with no strings attached.

Step 4: Allow them to check it out no strings attached

Call this the “ test drive” where you can check out a ministry with no strings attached. They may or may not like it and it’s totally ok.

Three types of Leaders:

  1. I did not like it.
  2. It was ok but I was uncomfortable
  3. I loved it! I want to get involved.

Develop a questionnaire to understand how they felt as they served.

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