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Often times I’m asked for a short version of start living strategically.  How I plan my days, the business, how I set goals, deadlines and set forth to accomplish everything I teach and do on a daily basis. Here are my top four keys  to how to live strategically in all you do. It boils down to the following 4 keys my clients work through on our initial conversation.


1- Set Goals

Goal setting is either the easiest part of the journey or the absolute hardest and most stressful.

Either you know the goal and have no idea how to get there or you do not know the goal or what to do to move forward.

When my clients are at either one of these crossroads we sit back and dream.

I usually recommend no more than 5 attainable and measureable goals a year. By measureable I mean you can look back and ask yourself “ have I attained this goal” and you will have a precise yes or no answer.

I do not recommend my clients to have “maybe” or unclear goals measures.

What can not be measured hardly ever gets accomplished.

  • What are you looking to do in 2016 ?
  • How will you measure success for it?
  • What is your time frame for execution?
  • Who will hold you accountable?

2- Stay Focused

Staying focused has a lot to do with creating a strategy that will allow you to revisit the vision when you are discouraged.

It reminds you of your why. Strategy focuses on the how.

In my Strategy Workshop we outline a whole strategy and vision board to help you succeed.

Who will help me stay focused?

  • How and what will I do to stay focused when I am discouraged?
  • How will I refocus when I want to give up?
  • Who will I call if I feel like I’ve failed?
  • Who will give me clear and precise guidance?

3- Have Faith

Faith starts when you have exhausted all your options. There were times during our first years of our business AT Studios, where we had exhausted every resource, poured our hearts and soul to the business. There were times when all we had was faith. Weather you are there now or will be there at some point it is actually the best place to be!

God always comes through at the perfect time.

When we learn this lesson we understand that it will happen again. Hopefully the next time you will not be as frantic, as stressed and as scared as the first.

4- Work Hard

This steps seems so simple but it can be daunting. Weather you are launching a new business, starting a church or losing weight this step is extremely difficult. It may seem matter of fact as you read this.  However, there will be a time when you are discouraged, off track, disillusioned and this will be the hardest step of all.

There will be times when you gain weight instead of lose, your church members do not come, your tithing is not enough and your event was not sold out.

I will work hard when:

  • I’m discouraged.
  • I’m tired.
  • I’m lacking resources.
  • I’m lacking competence I will seek help.

When you have failed  many times, feel discouraged, depressed, under resourced or have lost it all we must look back and fall in love again with your initial passion for setting the goals at hand.

IT IS OK!   Refocus and keep going.

Now I know you may be thinking that I have no idea how serious your situation is.

Well I may know a little about failures.

Strategy is crucial driving force behind what all accomplishments as a brand, business owner, speaker and coach. My strategy changed, it became better and stronger and my vision became clearer as my passion grew.

Do not lose sight. Set your goals, stay focused, have faith and work hard. Very hard.

It will be ok.

If you need more detailed coaching check out my Coaching program for a  six week course starting June 1, 2016.

Be Blessed!


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