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Here at AT Studios we are more than simply a design company. Our vision is to guide your company to  navigate these marketing waters. We begin with you, a conversation to understand who you are and what your particular needs we can meet. From here we create your brand, website and social media strategy.


We are so excited to launch our very own wordpress template designed specially for churches!


Why have we done this? In the last few months the bulk of our clientele have been  churches looking to either rebrand themselves or launch a new church. After looking at what templates were offered currently on WordPress, it became clear there was a unique need not being met.



We created a template that we believe meets these needs. This template is user friendly for both those familiar with using WordPress and those who are new to it. It’s fully customizable and user friendly. This will enable any user to easily adapt it for their needs. Making this easy and uncomplicated was essential for us.


As we create your web site, we also work with you to help you understand how it works. Why it is so important to create a brand that is easy to identify as well as using social media. In understanding who you are we are able to tailor a social media and blogging strategy to fit your needs.



It would be easy to design your web site and leave it at that. But this is not our mission. Our mission is to enable your business or church to succeed in the web world.



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Click here to have a tour of our template.



Fully Customized Dashboard



Fully Customized Help button for you!



Search tool for your church’s small groups.



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