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Is your church ready for Easter?

As a previous church planter, Kids director and currently church strategist often times I get the opportunity to observe mega churches and take notes on pros and cons and later strategize solutions for setbacks.  Easter is much more than an event to bring new guests in. Its an opportunity to reach outside the walls of the church to people who would probably not attend a service.


Below are my top Three tips to be ready for your new guests.

 1- Educate your staff on verbiage- avoid churchy terms.

  • All staff members and leaders must be on the same page or new guests will be confused.
  • This is not watering down the gospel, This is making it relevant to their level.
  • Avoid terms such as “the blood of the lamb” Be sure you are ready to teach it to a child.
  • Bring the word . It speaks for itself. Do not be afraid to make an altar call.

 2- signage Walk through your campus.

Is your campus  new guest proof? Can a new guest get from the parking lot to the worship center without hesitation. Can a new guest drop off their kids, get a name tag and find the worship center all on their own? It’s better to over  communicate than to under communicate and have new guests who are trying to find their way around.

Please no hand written signs and please place your logo on the signs.

Bathroom signage is very important specially for set up churches. Do not assume every one knows the bathrooms are located around the corner of the cafeteria.

3- Have something planned for next weekend.

The average new guest may be back for Mothers day or Christmas if we do not strategically create a reason for them to return.

This is one of the questions I ask churches most as I consult. What is planned for next week? It can be something as simple as pizza with the pastors or pastelito and caffecito or hot chocolate meet and greet. But please be sure you have planned something new guests look forward to next week. The average person must feel an emotional connection the first 3-4 minutes or we lose them.


I’ve had the opportunity with AT Studios to strategize with multimillion businesses on how to reach their target demographics. What if churches considered all possible means to reach those that enter the church once or twice a year.What if our effort was so big that we over communicated our love for Christ and what He did on the Cross for us?


I believe in reaching people where they are at their level and most importantly reaching kids. If you can get kids excited and wanting to return their parents will.

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It is my prayer that you are prepared and expecting God to do great things because He can. You must be prepared to receive.


In His Service,


Betty Flores

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