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Hiring a kids Leader is one of the most important decisions a Campus Pastor/ Senior Pastor will make. I was recently contacted by a church leader who is hiring a children’s director and was wondering what qualifications they should be looking for. Contrary to the belief that He/She needs a have a degree in child studies the most successful kids leaders I have strategized with are a nice mix of leadership, administrative and lots of fun.


Here are my top four tips.


1- Solid biblical knowledge.

2- Remember you are hiring an Administrative leader not a child care provider.

Do not look for the person who has a CPR certification, 30 hours of child care training though these are great these can be attained.

Look for a person who can understand that every child represents a family that is attending and every family has friends they can invite. Look for a person who is not afraid to see the numbers in Kids Ministry and is willing to put up a fight to increase the attendance through events, follow up, partnerships etc..


3-Must have a killer smile- I visited a ministry once and was shocked when I met the director. I made jokes, I attempted conversations all with no luck of a smile. She was not upset her personality was simply serious. There’s a book called The Power of a Smile. It became popular because there really is power in a smile.

4-She/He must be a strong recruiter- this is of outmost importance. Failing to learn this a leader may fall into a “doing” instead of “leading” role. As leaders we are called to equip others. I have experienced one to many ministries when I consult. My first questions are:

Who is in charge of your check in area?

Who is in charge of your programming?

Who is in charge of your follow up?


If the leader answers “me” to all these automatic red lights go off. They are doing not Leading.

Check out my what inspires me doc for more on this.

A Kids leader is a crucial part of your team in church.  Kids ministry can and will affect growth. Do not take it lightly, ask for help if you need to and feel free to connect with me!