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My husband and I occasionally visit Famer’s Markets. One of the many great things about Farmer’s Market is the fresh produce: fruit and vegetables grown locally (organically). Which really is still fresh when it hits the market stall on the day. It really is great to be able to trust the food we are buying. Especially living near so many farms. We enjoy fruits and veggies, but mostly the experience of having said we did it. We smelled it, touched it and photographed it. We saw many peppers, tomatoes, bananas, chinese eggplants, and tons of jalapenos. This particular day we chose because I?m on a juicing journey.?One of the things that never cease to amaze me is the array of colors.I?m determined to be able to juice. However I needed two things. A juicer and fresh veggies. To my surprise the prices were great. We purchased 1lb spring mix salad mix, 5 ears of corn, bunch of cilantro, basil, 2lbs of mushrooms, 1lb of asparagus, 1lb bananas, 1lb of plumbs, 1lb of carrots, celery for a grand total of 16.00.? We also enjoyed some delicious fresh juices, horchata and Jamaica fruit. Drum rolls please? Yes, I found a juicer!. Not a fancy one just a much needed new one. The price said 25 we talked it down to 19. The whole day we spent exactly 40.00 for all of the above (that includes the juicer). The vegetables, fruits and bargain all simply worked for us. The experience was priceless. Photo credit to my talented husband.

My husband is allergic to these delicious red tomatoes



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