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Today we are honored to have Rosie Watson guest posting for us on the subject of homeschooling. We are excited to hear from her on this subject and hope you do as well!

A Personal Tribute to Homeschooling
By Rosie Watson

I remember well the day the big yellow bus drove past our front drive way. We waved and smiled at all the kids and I tried hard to hide the fears that fought to take control of me. Now, twenty something years later, with three well-adjusted, God fearing, college graduates passionately perusing God’s plan for their life, I can smile again. But this time the smile comes from deep inside, and the fears are replaced with fond memories of a journey well worth the travail.

I learned much along my homeschooling journey. To begin with, I learned that homeschooling is a tough job; one that requires commitment, focus and passion. Our twins, Aaron and Alisha had just turned two when our oldest, Daniel was to enter kindergarten. I must confess that fears and insecurities lurked all around me. You know those thorny questions; how do I know if I’m qualified? What if my kids fall behind or just don’t turn out right? What about social skills? But God’s call was stronger than the enemy’s haunting and our homeschool adventure was soon on its way.

Within months I began to let go of the fears and enjoy the experience, and learning became a way of life for this young family. We traded in the classroom and workbooks for the sandbox, story time and conversation, number games, chores, and exploration. The library became our second home and we read and talked about everything, especially God’s amazing creation. They climbed trees, collected insects, flew homemade kites and experienced all the wholesome joys of childhood, as we discovered together the joy of learning. After just one year, that five year old tested way above grade level. How could that be, I wondered when we had spent only a few hours “doing school” each day? I discovered also that my twins were learning alongside Daniel, echoing facts and figures that they could not yet understand. We found friends through homeschool groups, our neighborhood, church, soccer practice, and reveled in the hours we had to enjoy them.

Today, after counselling hundreds of parents on the subject of homeschooling and watching hundreds of families take the plunge, my passion is stronger and my understanding so much clearer. I understand first of all that this journey calls for dedication and commitment. I understand that each family is unique and that’s what makes homeschooling so beneficial. And I understand that it is a journey, one that winds its way through mountain top joys and deep valley lows. Sometimes looking back, I wish I could relive just one day, even a valley one. But now we are enjoying the fruit of our labor as we watch our young adult children raise their own families and revel in our new role as Grandparents.

Thank you God for the calling and for giving us all we needed for the journey.
Rosie Watson is a homeschool mother of three grown children and has been teaching for over 25 years. As a featured convention speaker, Rosie brings to the homeschool community a wealth of knowledge and experience and a powerful message of inspiration. She is the founder and director of the Center for Home Education in NE Fort Worth, a homeschool haven that encompasses a curriculum store, learning center, performing arts theatre and coffee house.Rosie is a licensed facilitator for the Career Coaching for Students workshops, which provides students with the tools they need to discover their God given purpose. Rosie is also the author of the writing program, The Wonder of Words.

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