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Product of The Month: L Stand

Product of The Month: L Stand

Often the best way we see to display things is to hang them on the walls. However this can lead to a cluttered look for your space. Your office should have a warm, welcoming but also professional look.

Utilize your space with this beautifully designed L stand. This stand will allow for you to feature more of your products and services without cluttering up the wall space in your office. Great to use for a booth at an Expo show as it is portable as well.

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Are You Ready For Summer?

Are You Ready For Summer?

Summer is here! Which means summer camps and events are happening. For this you will need t-shirts! AT Studios offers in house printing services! By not relying on an outside company we ensure quality with your logo and preferred colors.

If you’re having summer events, trips or camps get your orders in early!


We are here to help!  


Heres our latest printing projects!

  • Summer Camp Shirts for churches and schools.
  • Caps- It’s hot out there! Get your logo on a cool cap!
  • Dry-fit shirts help you stay dry as you enjoy hot summer time.
  • Goodie bags for events and as gifts.


Summer is also the time to prepare for Fall events! Getting in your orders and ideas sooner helps to execute events better.

Will you please connect me to anyone you believe could benefit from our printing services?


FYI  10% of every project we execute is donated to a church/charity of your choice.


Thank you for helping us grow.


Three Reasons To Rebrand

Three Reasons To Rebrand


Example of a logo for Arise Church Kids Ministry

The importance of having a brand is important for not only businesses but churches. Just as businesses need to refresh their logo and tagline, so do churches. Here are three reasons that churches need to rebrand themselves. A brand is a way to communicate who you are and convey your message. Here are three reasons why a church may need to rebrand.


1- Reestablish yourself in the community. This may be needed due to a change in leadership and or congregation. By rebranding or even creating a brand from scratch allows for people to rediscover or discover the church for the first time.


2- Define Your Tagline- A tagline is part of your brand. This sums up your brand in an easy sentence. This is what we created for our client CrossLife Church “Living a Life that Matters”. A simple sentence that encompasses the identity of this church. This allows for people to state what this church is about in a simple, eloquent sentence. It helps to tie in all aspects of life this client hopes to encompass in every area of ministry.


Example of a logo for Arise Church Kids Ministry

3- A New Logo– A simple design that continues to exemplify the brand and tagline. Logos are usually associated with a business but churches need them as well. Having a recognizable logo continues the work of establishing your church in the community. A logo and the color scheme that goes is easy to place on shirts, ties in with the website and cements how to identify your church in the minds of the community.


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Hiring a Kids Leader?

Hiring a Kids Leader?

Hiring a kids Leader is one of the most important decisions a Campus Pastor/ Senior Pastor will make. I was recently contacted by a church leader who is hiring a children’s director and was wondering what qualifications they should be looking for. Contrary to the belief that He/She needs a have a degree in child studies the most successful kids leaders I have strategized with are a nice mix of leadership, administrative and lots of fun.


Here are my top four tips.


1- Solid biblical knowledge.

2- Remember you are hiring an Administrative leader not a child care provider.

Do not look for the person who has a CPR certification, 30 hours of child care training though these are great these can be attained.

Look for a person who can understand that every child represents a family that is attending and every family has friends they can invite. Look for a person who is not afraid to see the numbers in Kids Ministry and is willing to put up a fight to increase the attendance through events, follow up, partnerships etc..


3-Must have a killer smile- I visited a ministry once and was shocked when I met the director. I made jokes, I attempted conversations all with no luck of a smile. She was not upset her personality was simply serious. There’s a book called The Power of a Smile. It became popular because there really is power in a smile.

4-She/He must be a strong recruiter- this is of outmost importance. Failing to learn this a leader may fall into a “doing” instead of “leading” role. As leaders we are called to equip others. I have experienced one to many ministries when I consult. My first questions are:

Who is in charge of your check in area?

Who is in charge of your programming?

Who is in charge of your follow up?


If the leader answers “me” to all these automatic red lights go off. They are doing not Leading.

Check out my what inspires me doc for more on this.

A Kids leader is a crucial part of your team in church.  Kids ministry can and will affect growth. Do not take it lightly, ask for help if you need to and feel free to connect with me!


Mistakes will  Cost your business MONEY.

Mistakes will Cost your business MONEY.


When we began this adventure just a few years ago, we never imagined all that God would do with us and this company. We have made mistakes, and learned from them. Mistakes cost us money.  Often times artists and small business owners will contact me for advice as they begin their journey. I love doing so !

Our expansion in Orlando has been an incredible journey. We have seen our business go in directions that surprised even us.

Being an entrepreneur is a tough road, But its awesome! I believe God is honored when we pursue and live our dreams.

Here are my three tips that cost our company some hard earned cash.

– Budget every penny that entered the company.

– Factor in your time as a business owner your time is very important.

–  Do not undercharge. At times when our goal was to grow our clientele we worked around our clients budget and needs.

we are now in a position where we have set our prices depending on time, resources and the financial strategy of the business. These fees are non negotiable. Clients respect your fees, those that do not will always find alternatives.

Following your dreams to be an entrepreneur means living life like others do not want to for a short period of time, placing the companies needs before yours and respecting your values so you can live a life like others desire.


What’s stopping you from pursuing your hearts desires?


Download our free business plan sample and start working towards your dreams !


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