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I am here to lead you in being impactful and creative. I coach business to be more effective, strategic and profitable.


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3. Creating Impact

Setting powerful business goals that align with your mission and vision.

4. Impactful & Creative

Get a clear idea of your business strengths and shortcomings.


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ABOUT YOur Coach

Betty Flores

Betty Flores has been in the leadership and sales industry for over 15 years. She’s launched organizations such as, AT Studios Creative Group, Farm Toonz Mobile Application and Blessed Mobile application to name a few. She’s worked with Luxury brands such as Better Homes and gardens and Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sales Coach, Florida International University and several Non- Profit segments. She has been full time business coach for 8 years with a focus on strategic marketing, leadership and sales. Betty holds a degree and Graduate certifications from Florida International University and has worked with many successful brands and business owners.


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