About Betty Flores

My mission is to empower you to live fearlessly. I speak and train on how to live life fearlessly because this is the one thing  my degrees and certifications failed to teach.

For several years, I lived and breathed the world of church planting. Since then I have been actively coaching church leaders as a speaker, facilitator  and consultant.

My most recent status is a successful business owner. I have been in  the world of branding, marketing and building teams that successfully execute marketing plans, App development and client retention through AT Studios. Since then I have been actively coaching entrepreneurs, artists and businesses the art of executing their lifelong dreams by overcoming setbacks.

  • Discover your Mission, Vision and culture.
  • Design your brand identity marketing strategy.
  • Develop and execute your strategy.

My approach is based on our partnership. It’s not you adjusting your needs to me. It’s you and I  partnering for your success.

As a Speaker…

Whether the topic is Leadership, sales, business or motivational key note my approach is to be fearless in all areas of your life.  My keynotes and workshops are centered around YOU. How can my mistakes, fears, failures and leadership journey be shared in an action packed, fun, engaging way that inspires you to BE FEARLESS.  

My keynotes are:

  • Raise your sales !  For years I did sales and loved it! I trained teams of salesmen to sell their products successfully.
  • What my degrees and certifications failed to teach me.

As a Consultant…

I develop strategies. It’s my gift my passion. Companies may hire consultants to observe and report what they see. My niche is the fact that I partner with you to develop strategies to solve the issue and train others to be proactive about it. I take up a notch by working alongside you and execute our master plan. Any consultant can give you ideas. Reproducible strategy is the arts of  planning and directing Execution is the sweet spot where it all comes together for your success.   

I have been strategizing game changing plans for amazing clients businesses, Mega Churches, small business, Church plants  and turning great teams into incredible teams and I LOVE IT!  

My Family

I am married to an incredibly talented artist Andy Toonz, We are painfully opposites and are currently writing our first book on the heartaches of marriage to a completely opposite individual. We love to work and love spending time chatting to couples who like us are fighting for their love.  In my free time, I enjoy running, cooking, gardening, and writing workshops.

What am I working on?

An incredible Six Week Coaching Program designed with YOU in mind. My six week intense course will cover topics of Leadership, church planting, branding and personal development.

I would love for you to be part of a Fearless Community. If you would like to know more, please email me to rsvp your spot. Program launching soon. 

Be blessed,