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The AT Studios team has spent weeks product testing for future APPS to be used at DayCare Centers. We have nailed down several DayCare Centers that may not consider that these APPS can can make life easier.

1-Most Day Care Centers we visited did not know how easy an APP and / Website can be used to automate certain tedious tasks. Current forms of communication range from texting, emailing, and calling parents. In addition to giving out handouts to parents and posting information on a bulletin board.

Use Apps toCommunicate with Parents/Teachers What can we do to enhance communication? Instead of relying on handouts to convey information, alerts can be sent out announcing a field trip or special event more than once.

– AT Studios will develop an app to meet the unique needs of your day care center. These are a just few things an app can do for you.

– Allow for better and more accurate communication.

– Receive payments

– Send last minute information.

2- Get the most use of your website. Our team reviewed several day care center websites. We found that most centers did not know how to make the most out of their websites. The web now a days must be used to ?solve? a problem. No automation is a mistake because it adds to your daily workload. By automating the forms, purchases and products for your day care this saves time. Allowing you and your staff to focus attention on students.

Use your website for Automation of Forms, Purchases and Products. ? Day care centers invest so much in the lives of children. They spend more time with these awesome teachers why not make their lives simpler?

Thank you for your hard work! Special thanks to @tinicity for opening their doors for our research. ? We would love to visit your daycare center and take a look at your unique needs! Contact us at