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The number one reason entrepreneurs, church planters and bright individuals flop is because they fail to become experts in the art of strategizing and executing their vision. Here’s how I coach you to win.




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About Betty Flores

Strategy Consultant

My mission is to empower you to live fearlessly. I speak and train on how to live life fearlessly because this is the one thing  my degrees and certifications failed to teach.

For several years, I lived and breathed the world of church planting. Since then I have been actively coaching church leaders as a speaker, facilitator  and consultant.

My most recent status is a successful business owner. I have been in  the world of branding, marketing and building teams that successfully execute marketing plans, App development and client retention through AT Studios. Since then I have been actively coaching entrepreneurs, artists and businesses the art of executing their lifelong dreams by overcoming setbacks.

  • Discover your Mission, Vision and culture.
  • Design your brand identity marketing strategy.
  • Develop and execute your strategy.

My approach is based on our partnership. It’s not you adjusting your needs to me. It’s you and I  partnering for your success.

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How Exciting!

Hello my friends!   We've missed you 🙂 We love creating opportunities to serve you, your business or ministry. That is what we have been busy working on lately, to expand our services! Here’s what we do: Branding & Websites: We do full on web development big and...

6 Marketing Techniques For Churches

   It may be surprising that marketing techniques used in business can also be applied to churches. But this should not. Marketing is used to reach people. Churches are made up of community of people. However, they need to know to about the church. Here are our six...

Hiring a Kids Leader?

Hiring a kids Leader is one of the most important decisions a Campus Pastor/ Senior Pastor will make. I was recently contacted by a church leader who is hiring a children’s director and was wondering what qualifications they should be looking for. Contrary to the...

Branding Workshop Powerpoint

Download my recent presentation from my latest workshop at FlavorFest 2018.

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